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EcO Start - Smart Water Monitor - Works in Pools, Hot Tubs, & Swim Spas

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⚠ Deliveries for EcO Start and Connect start on June 1.

Why use the EcO probe?

EcO is a pool/spa probe connected with our mobile application. Our probe helps pool and spa owners to keep clean and safe water, simplifying maintenance. The probe provides treatment advice and a step-by-step explanation about pool/spa care.

EcO is compatible with:

  • swimming pools treated with chlorine or active oxygen;
  • spas treated with chlorine, active oxygen, or bromine;

EcO is incompatible with:

  • swimming pools and spas treated with salt.

Included in this pack :

  • One EcO probe;
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Gateway (incl. in EcO Start and Connect only); 
  • Start guide;
  • Unlimited access to the mobile app without any subscription.

Use-it with app

You can free download our application on Apple Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android). Then you can follow advice from our recommendation engine to know when and how you can use our chemicals products.

How does it work?

Download the iopool app and configure your pool/spa. Then follow the step-by-step procedure. There you go! EcO feeds your water data back to your smartphone when you are near your pool and provides you with treatment recommendations to keep the water clear and safe for your family! 

Main advantages

  • Self-contained;
  • Discrete;
  • Easy to set up and use;
  • 2 years warranty;
  • More precise than manual testing.

Most common questions

What if I am not satisfied?

There is little chance that this will happen because trying an EcO is adopting it! However, if you were not completely satisfied, don't worry: we offer a "Satisfied or refunded" guarantee valid for 30 days after purchase.

Can I use the probe with another brand of products than iopool?

Yes. However, for the best experience, we recommend using the iopool brand as our recommendation engine is based on our products.

What is the life of the probe?

EcO has a lifespan of 2 years, after which you will have to order a replacement module (99 USD) including a new battery and sensors. Buying this module extends the warranty for two more years.

What is the warranty period for the probe?

The EcO probe is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Do I need to pay for any subscription?

No. You can access all functionalities without any subscription, including customer assistance by chat.

Can I access my data around the world?

This is possible with the iopool Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Gateway included in the EcO Start and Connect pack only. By default, EcO uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to send data to your smartphone, so you have to be near the pool (approx. 30 feet).

What are the water parameters monitored by the probe?

EcO monitors

  • The water temperature;
  • The disinfection capacity (Redox capacity, ORP);
  • The pH (hydrogen potential).

For elsewhere, thanks to the initialization process, our calculation algorithms have 3 important parameters:

  • The hardness of the water;
  • The alkalinity of the water;
  • The amount of stabilizer (cyanuric acid level).

Your question is not on the list?

Consult the dedicated section of our FAQ or contact us via in-app support or on the website.


  • After initialization, you can't get EcO out of water. See this article for more pieces of information;
  • If you have a bromine pool, never follow the "add chlorine" recommendation of the app. For more information, see this article.
  • EAN code :  5419980032898

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Lili Cox
New user, from phin

Hoping it works like Phin, but initial response, I get messages saying too far from pool for a reading, when I am literally 5 feet from the gateway, and 15 feet from pool. Also miss the convenience of chemicals being shipped to us. Also miss the automatic emails from phin with instructions to add chemicals.

Robert Morgan
Good monitor, app needs work

The monitor does a good job of what it's supposed to do -- make it easy to check the pH, disinfection (ORP), and water temperature. I've had it for about four weeks, and it readily syncs a current reading to my phone inside my house, although I sometimes have to force the app to trigger refresh. By contrast I used the phIn before, and its bluetooth connection wasn't always strong enough to reach inside from the other side of my pool. The test strips also worked well the one time I've used them so far, and it explains the relevant ranges, something the phIn app never did.

My main complaint is that the app expects you to use iopool chemicals -- it won't let me specify that I'm using standard issue muriatic acid and chlorine bleach with particular concentrations, so I had to use the TFP calculator to figure out the volume to add given my current readings, and then adjust over time from there.

The other annoying thing about this is that the app gives an extra prompt when you say you've completed a treatment because it tells you that you don't have enough chemicals on hand. On top of that, if you're just adding a moderate amount of chlorine to boost ORP, and you tell the app you've done that, it acts like you've just shocked, and it won't give you new recommendations until 24 hours have passed. Given all this, I've basically resorted to just adding the chemicals and then re-checking the levels in the app after a few hours, without indicating a treatment was performed, since the app will at least respond and remove previously suggested treatments if they are no longer necessary.

Given my experience with the phIn ghosting, I do like that the monitor does not rely on the internet in order to operate. My only outstanding question is how long the monitor will last in practice, though they claim it should work for 2 years. If that proves true, I'll likely buy another monitor when this one gives it up, since it really removes the barrier to checking my pool regularly, which helps ensure it is runs clean through the swimming season.

Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your complete and detailed feedback and the few comparisons with pHin.
It is true that the treatment advice is based on the products we sell. The reason is that we prefer to give you relevant indications based on products that we have a concrete understanding of. We are not currently able to test all products on the market to ensure that the recommended treatment dosages are consistent.

The app is designed to be easy to use if you use iopool products, but we have removed as many of the disincentives and barriers to using other brands of products as possible.

However, this is a good point and we are discussing it internally.

Have a good day!
Alex from iopool

Jim Moore
Great replacement for Phin

I had Phin for years and was super disappointed when it was discontinued. I’m so happy that I found iopool. It’s been a perfect replacement.

David Briere
No salt pool support

No salt pool support

Hi David,

Indeed, the EcO monitor is only for water treated with chlorine or bromine.
Please contact our support to find out a solution.

Thank you,
The iopool team

So far so good

Only issue we have is that we have a lot of chemical left over from our phin subscription & there’s no way to specify other chemical brands with iopool. I’ve just been doing the best I can to estimate