EcO monitors your water 24/7
  • EcO monitors your water 24/7

  • Get reliable readings, instantly.
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EcO consumes very low energy and has an extended battery life. It is not necessary to replace or recharge the battery.


EcO is the smallest pool monitor on the market. It measures 8.66″ and weighs less than 5.3 ounces, making it compatible with any pool.

Bluetooth connection

Water analysis is automatically sent to your phone via Bluetooth. As soon as you open the app, you can immediately see the status of your pool.

Easy installation

Easy installation

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24/7 pool monitoring

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24/7 pool monitoring
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Analyse Your Pool's Water with EcO Pool maintenance can be tedious. This is why our team decided to bring EcO to market. EcO is a smart, connected analyser that suits both pools and hot-tubs. Ju...
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NEW! - EcO Smart Monitor for saltwater Our new EcO monitor is now compatible with saltwater pools and hot tubs. Just Let It Float You just need to put EcO in the water after having followed the s...
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This kit gives you access to custom pool care recommendations provided by iopool. Perfect for starting your pool's summer season. The package contains: 5Lbs of pH+; 5Lbs of pH-; 5Lbs of Alka+...
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Duo pack The Duo pack includes 2x the EcO monitor + 1x the cOnnect gateway. This package is ideal for users with 2 pools/spas to monitor. The 2 probes connect simultaneously to the one and only ga...
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