Replacement module for the EcO monitor

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  • Replacement "Sensor/Battery" block for the intelligent water monitor for real-time reporting of pool status and weather information;
  • Built-in battery;
  • Two-season life span and a one-year warranty;
  • Specific to iopool's EcO intelligent monitor;
  • Measures the main parameters: temperature, pH, and disinfectant level (ORP).

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Excellent customer service!!!

Jeffrey Wahler
Excellent customer service and replacement module

When my EcO monitor’s module quit working, iopool’s customer service was ready and eager to help me get my hot tub back in working order. They helped me trouble shoot and in the end, replaced my module at no cost to me. Excellent care and service!

Julie N.
Wonderful customer service

I received the replacement module for my EcO monitor and it works perfectly!

Ryan McClintock
Great customer service!

My unit seemed to die prematurely, bad luck is what I blame nothing more. The ioPool team was fantastic and helped with everything.

howard platt
doesn't work as well as the first one

Unable to get test strips to tes thte accuracy of the unit. Not sure if it is right or not. Use test strips but not sur of whats happening