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pH Up powder - 5lbs

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pH is very important to maintain beautiful swimming pool water. High pH will cause eye and skin irritation, waterline scale deposits, and a less than stellar swimming experience. Low pH will cause the same eye and skin irritation, but will also, etch the swimming pool plaster, fiberglass, and vinyl liner, causing an angry and unhappy pool owner. 
pH Up will raise your pH to levels to be most efficient for crystal clear water while avoiding corrosive water. Corrosive water is "aggressive" and attempts to dissolve concrete and metals by pitting concrete and destroying steel filters and copper heat exchangers. A tell-tale sign of corrosive water is staining. The deposit on the pool's surface of colored metal salts is either iron (brown) or copper (blue/green/grey/black).
Low pH Pool Problems
  • Corrosive water
  • Pitting of concrete
  • Metals dissolve
  • Surface staining
  • Chlorine loss
  • Vinyl wrinkles
  • Skin/eye irritation



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