Calibration Kit

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EcO calibration kit

The iopool calibration kit is a set of buffer solutions, which allow you to accurately calibrate the pH and ORP sensors of your EcO Smart Monitor.

Kit content

  • 1x pH 4.00 calibration solution (0.7 oz / 20ml)
  • 1x pH 7.00 calibration solution (0.7 oz / 20ml)
  • 1x OPR +468mV calibration solution (0.7 oz / 20ml)

Calibrating the EcO allows the analyzer to adjust to wear and tear on the electrochemical probe and thus take more accurate measurements, longer.

When to calibrate your EcO?

  • There is no need to calibrate before first use.
  • From the second season on, it is recommended to calibrate at the beginning of each season.

NB: If your Eco is never winterized (indoor pool, spa, Nordic bath,...), we advise you to calibrate every year.

How to perform the calibration?

  1. Take the EcO out of the water, remove the silicone cap, and rinse the sensor with clean water.

  2. In the iopool app, go to "My pool/spa > Devices > EcO" press "Calibrate my EcO" and follow the steps in the application carefully.

  3. Once the calibration is complete, replace the silicone cap in the test position and put the EcO back in the pool or spa.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

We had some bottle neck with the process but I received all the support I needed all the way to the end. My device working well and our pool
Is looking great!

Aaron Boehm
Ph 4 was nearly empty

Tried to calibrate but don’t think it worked. The ph 4 bag was nearly empty compared to the other pouches.

Ken Johnson
Easy Recalibration

Simple to use. Follow the instructions.

Ehud Hochman
The idea is nice but without a test kit it doesn’t exude confidence

So the calibration kit was easy to use but the problem is that once you are done calibrating you just need to trust that it worked. It would be better if there was a test solution that came with it. That solution should have precise water to test the iopool in. Another thing is that the test kit is a bit pricey.

Insufficient liquid and the calibration app functions poorly

The packages of calibration fluid was too small and barely covered the probe sensors. I used very small disposable cups barely bigger than the probe. The Ph 7 packet was too low. The application on the phone had to be restarted MANY times to get the process to complete as well. It's still not accurately reading the right Bromine levels (too low).