EcO START - Pool Chemical Calculator Bundle
EcO START - Pool Chemical Calculator Bundle
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EcO START - Pool Chemical Calculator Bundle

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What's included ?

  • Chemicals included : pH Up (5 Lbs), pH Down (7 Lbs), Shimmer N' Shock (5 Lbs)
  • Smart monitor "EcO"
  • Unlimited access to the mobile app
  • Daily monitoring and reporting of your pool water data
  • Personalized recommendations for chemical use

Can I use my own chemicals from other brands ?

Of course you can. Just be aware that the dosing recommendations are based on the chemical properties of iopool range of products. Qualities among pool care products can vary.  

Money-back guarantee

You have 30 days to test iopool. If you are not convinced by the quality of our products after these 30 days, we will refund your full purchase. All you have to do is contact our team by phone or email and we will ask you to ship back the monitor and chemicals that have not been used. And of course, the shipping fee will be entirely at our expense. 

The EcO monitor is guaranteed for 2 years. If a technical problem occurs, it will be repaired or replaced as required.  

Due to the chemical nature of the sensors, the monitor must be changed every 2 seasons, as for all of these kind of devices on the market.
We then recycle the product.

Additional information

Once the EcO pool assistant is activated and placed in your pool, its three sensors continuously measure :

  • water temperature
  • disinfection capacity (Redox capacity, ORP)
  • pH (Hydrogen potential)

In addition, thanks to the initialization procedure, our calculation algorithms also take into account 3 other important parameters:

  • water calcium level
  • total alkalinity
  • stabilizer level (CyA level))

With the analysis of these parameters, the mobile app will guide you step by step in the actions to obtain clean and clear water.

iopool technical specifications

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Good tool, but lacking some features

I bought the iopool after trying to use strips, Sutro in pool electronic device, and other chemistry tests. In terms of measuring pH, iopool is easily the best and most convenient. I also really like the frequency of the sampling and the long battery life. It would be nice to see chlorine in ppm instead of mV (isn't a common measurement in the US). Also, total alkalinity would be great to add. The fact that you will likely need the gateway device in addition to the iopool device to get consistent and accurate readings is also a little disappointing.

Working Very Well

I have a hot Tub and an endless pool, so I bought 2 of the IoPool devices. They both work terrifically and helped me to see that I was keeping my pool and spa too acidic. They also give me real feedback about how to keep both systems better check which will ultimately use less chemicals.

The app worked well and it is easy to flip across screens to see both systems quickly.

I highly recommend.

Iopool mobile app

on top 👍👍👍


I am more than satisfied with this Water Monitor. I'm happy to had trusted iopool.
Their customer service was verry efficient. They always answered me when I was in doubt.


A simple and reliable system, I'm fully satisfied with crystal clear water. Very easy to use.