ClearView 1" Small Chlorine Tablets - 5 lb

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    Why use slow chlorine

    Use slow chlorine to keep your pool clean and healthy.

    Slow chlorine keeps the necessary chlorine concentration for permanent water disinfection and prevents the development of algae.

    ClearView Tabits are the economical choice for a slow dissolving stabilized chlorine tablet for your swimming pool. They contain 99% active ingredients (Trichlor-s-triazinetrione) and 90% available chlorine.

    Size : 5 Pound Bucket.

    Active Ingredients:

    • Active Ingredients (Trichlor-s-triazinetrione) 99%
    • Other 1%
    • 90% Available Chlorine

    How it works

    When it comes into contact with your swimming pool water, chlorine is released and creates sub-components:

    • active chlorine whose disinfectant effects are active;
    • potential chlorine, the disinfectant potential of which will gradually be released over time and will therefore be transformed into active chlorine;
    • chloramine, produced during the degradation of organic matter by chlorine.

    Main advantages

    • High chlorine grade quality;
    • Quality/price ratio;
    • Treatment efficiency;
    • 1" Chlorine Tablets
    • Slow Dissolving
    • Stabilized to Prevent Chlorine Loss in Direct Sunlight
    • Can be used in Automatic and Floating Dispensers

    Usage advice

    • Check if pH is between 7.2 and 7.6;
    • Clean the skimmer of all impurities;
    • Place the chlorine pebbles in the skimmer;
    • Activate water filtration.

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    • Place chlorine pebble's inside the skimmer or in a floating diffuser;
    • DON'T put in direct touch with the swimming pool liner to avoid decoloration;
    • Use biocidal products with care. Read the label and product information before use;
    • Note: Some of the tabs may be cracked or broken within their wrapped packaging due to shipping. This breakage is normal and does not reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine tabs.

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