Replacement module for the EcO monitor

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  • Replacement "Sensor/Battery" block for the intelligent water monitor for real-time reporting of pool status and weather information;
  • Built-in battery;
  • Two-season life span and a one-year warranty;
  • Specific to iopool's EcO intelligent monitor;
  • Measures the main parameters: temperature, pH, and disinfectant level (ORP).

Customer Reviews

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Adam P White

Replacement module for the EcO monitor

Richard Leitch
Replacement EcO

I received the replacement and changed it out with the easy instructionson the app. I was extremely pleased with the customer service of this company. My readings are now correct with the new module. Pleased that they stood by their warranty.

Rolando Perez
Great customer service

The representative was very helpful in troubleshooting the problem and sent out a replacement right away. Back to enjoying my spa.

Scott Kibler
Excellent warranty response

A wonderful device now that pHin is gone…helps keep water balanced. Replaced EcO monitor without an issue, even though it was towards the end of the warranty period.

Easy setup. Impossible to fix if anything goes wrong.

Setup is brilliant. Can’t get any easier. Takes literally just about a minute.
But if anything goes wrong, it’s really really difficult to fix. I use their tech with three spas. Stuff breaks, and I had weeks of no data while going back and forth with Support, and not being able to be at all spas all the time.